Friday, 29 January 2010

Make an Ickle Difference!

Just a quick one here!

You might have noticed the little 'Bloggers Unite for Haiti' badge on the right there. I just thought I'd bring your attention to a social networking group that I found that seems to try and do some good, rather than your average Facebook, Myspace, Bebo etc, it's called BloggersUnite. As the creators say on the site, it's an attempt to harness the power of the Blogosphere in order to spread awareness of certain issues around the globe. On a specific day of the year, bloggers get together and post about an issue, raising awareness, and possibly money, for good causes.

As I've grown up I've turned from a completely selfish little bitch-child into something approaching what I'd like to eventually end up as. No where near there yet, they say you spend your whole life growing up, I've got a way to go! But I've found myself with this desire to try and do some good. Some would use the cliché 'Make a Difference', others would call it 'Pissing in the Ocean', and therein lies the difference between those two types of people.

A little example, my sister Nicki decided she'd raise some money at work for the Haiti Earthquake Appeal. There were some people there loathe to actually just donate money, I guess January is a tough time of year, who knows what the reasons were, but Nicki persisted, using guerilla tactics known as the 'raffle' and the 'bake sale'.

She encouraged everyone to bring in unwanted christmas gifts and to bake something at home to bring in and sell. Between donations, raffle and bake sale, they managed to raise £266, which increased to £344 when Gift Aid was added. That's between 17 people...a few of which didn't seem to want to donate at all.

I know some people who would pooh pooh that, what's the point after all? What difference will it make? It makes all the difference, she had the determination to get of her backside and do something about what she saw happening on the other side of the world. In the grand scheme of things it's a drop in the ocean, but what is the ocean but a shitload of drops?

Actually, something I don't say often enough is how great my little sister is, she has a whole lot of love and she's not afraid to use it either. Proud of you Nicki :o)

Blogging for Haiti is still occuring over on BloggersUnite, so if you haven't already then sign up and blog away.

If you wanted to join another one I've set up my own event, 10:10 - Cut Carbon Emissions - Everyone's at it. Hundreds of individuals, companies and organisations have signed up to a mammoth task...trying to reduce Britains carbon emissions by 10% in the year 2010. It sounds impossible, but lets see what we can do if we all work together. Join in :o)

Check out the website HERE, and check out my blog on 15th March x


  1. HAH! Brilliant! Indeed the ocean IS just a shitload of drops. XD Well said!

  2. Ha ha! Thanks :)

    It's TROO!! Lol :D