Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Sproglets Festive Season - Summed Up!

Let it never be said that I am original and unpredictable!

Yes, after a day of rolling my eyes at the gasps of 'snow!' on Facebook, and the endless parade of pictures scrolling across the BBC news website...I have posted my own snow pictures.

Let's face it, we love snow in Britain, only, we love a reason to complain even more. Even in the summer, when the sun finally comes out, we love it for all of 5 minutes before we're all complaining how warm it is. Let's get used to it people, with the way global warming is going, we'll either be baked or frozen to death.

Either that or languishing somewhere under 50 metres of water, with nary the time to evolve gills....darn.

So, back at work after the Christmas holiday. I don't think I've ever had a holiday that seemed to go so fast! Here are some little snapshot of Sprogs Season:

The Sproglet family tend to go a bit nutso with presents at Christmas, and this year we toned it down!! Here is the family beaming with excitement at all the lovely gifts they recieved....and some tat too.

Daddy Sproglet

Mini Sprogs

Mummy Sproglet

Nicki will be exceptionally happy that I chose this little gem

How many hats can one person wear??
These pictures typify a Sproglet family Christmas meal. And look how we dress up all speshil.

Ok, ok, I confess, these pictures were actually taken last Sunday. It was decided that we 'needed' another Christmas meal in order to use up the excess Christmas crackers (some of which I believe may have been sitting around for roughly 3 years) and...ahem....Bucks Fizz.

Basically we needed an excuse to sit around, eat ourselves stupid, get a bit drunk and make lots of racket whilst wearing silly paper hats.

Bucks Fizz is a staple at Sproglet Christmas. Even mum has some (albeit roughly 2cm at the bottom of the glass topped up with lemonade), mother NEVER we all know who to blame MY drinking habits on don't we now....daddy Sproglet!!

So, Christmas over and done with, there were a few days grace. My last day at the zoo, complete with a compliment of 8 volunteers, including my good self. 4 of us hardcore vols went out for some drinkies afterwards, thankfully no pictures were taken!

It was soon time for Vicky's birthday. I went round to hers and took some pictures of her two kitties, Mister Neelix and Lillie. No pictures appear here because those little diamonds deserve a blog post to themselves once I get around to it.

We went out to Annas Thai Restaurant. Vicky and I make sure that we visit at least twice a year. For so many reasons it's one of my favourite places to eat EVER! I mean, even if there were nothing else excellent about the place, check this little beastie out:

The chef hand-carves little birdies out of carrots, and little roses out of carrots and radishes.

This you see here is a sharer starter platter, you have chicken satay, fishcakes, prawn sesame toast, spring rolls, some kind of deep fried fish, and a meaty thing (get me with the Thai lingo). It's delicious beyond words.

For mains I had fish (I believe it was salmon, though they didn't specify) fried in seasoned flour and topped with thai green curry sauce....and a carroty bird. It was delicious.

The food is amazing, but I'm also always amazed by the service in the place. I think I've only seen it packed out once, it always seems to be quite quiet, so this may explain it partially. This time round, our table of ten seemed to have our own personal waiter. Whilst we ate he just sat patiently (but not pressurisingly...word?) at a table behind us.

I was extra impressed this time because he took a cake someone had bought Vicky out the back and came out after the mains with it and loads of little candles, we all sang happy birthday and then he gave her a little gift of packaged wooden chopsticks in a woven case and a little elephant charm on them.

Gawd, I'll stop gushing...I love Annas! That was a lovely evening.
New Years came, I didn't take any pictures!! FOR SHAME!! Oggers provided a lovely 3 course meal at her house pre-drinkies. Red onion, beef tomato and mozzarella salad for starters, pasta filled with veg with roasted veg sauce on tops for mains, and chocolate cheesecake with double cream for dessert.......nom!!

Her comedy matey Rachel came to meet us and we headed off for a few bevvies at the local Rose and Crown where they had a swing night on.

We had a bit of trouble getting into the drinking after all the foods, but by the end of the night we'd had enough for a little bit of a boogie-woogie.

There was a little bit of drinks trickery at the end...but I shan't go into it for fear of getting them in to say it was a good evening....and CHIPS on the way home...always a good way to round it off.

And a few days to recover before back to work....where it's been dead because people still remember how they got away with the 'snowed in' excuse of Feb last year :D

On that note, I'll leave you with another picture of the gorgeous snowy garden in the Stow


  1. Hehehehe...looks like a good time!

  2. It was thank you Meatbag!

    And I didn't even mention the naked ladies on sateg...I went to see Calendar girls too in amongst all that.