Wednesday, 16 November 2011

There is a GOOD (kind of) explanation!!

There he is, he's my excuse....a poor one perhaps, but one nonetheless....

A week after I posted my last gloating episode about having a boyfriend....I found out about him^^. I know....I work fast right??

My first thought was 'SHIT!!'

Closely followed by a quick tot up of just how much I'd had to drink over the past few weeks considering the test was telling me I was more than 3 weeks gone. I'm sure it didn't do him any harm....ahem......

So, I'm currently 28 weeks gone, 12 weeks to go. Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a womans life, a time that robs her of all the dignity she's managed to accrue thus far, and as far as I can tell...she never gets it back, GO ME!!

In all seriousness, I thought my travelling was an adventure, I'm about to embark on the biggest and best adventure of my life and both S and I are VERY excited!

I'll do my best to try and keep you up to date when I have time between now and the birth, and subsequently between feeds and nappy changes....we'll see how THAT goes!!

Probably see you sometime in 2014 at this rate!!

Thanks for sticking with me through the silence :D

Love Sprogz and Kez xxx

Sunday, 5 June 2011


On a pillow.

But pants is what I am generally....generally pants.

I'm amazed that I've managed to gain a new follower over the past 6 months! By my calculations that means that if I continue in my current state of EPIC blog-apathy then I'll reach the golden '100 followers' in the year 2049.


So....there are a numbers of reasons why I am attempting another re-launch of the GB SprogBlog Enterprise.

Firstly! I am VERY hungover. To be honest I'm not good for much other than sprawling across the bed, shout-typing gibberish at an unspecified audience across the interwebs. I would be lying if I tried to (unsuccessfully I suspect) convince you that there had been no other hangovers in the last 6 months......there have been more than I can count, but as I say.....circumstances conspire!

Secondly...I am half-banished to the bedroom for creativity purposes.....Ogger's creativity, not mine, my creativity results in photos like the above, so I'm not allowed to do creative very often :(. I say half because Jo doesn't seem to be being very strict with me. I have emerged and rambled at her in a still-drunken manner a few times and she hasn't sent me packing, even when I threatened (offered? I guess it depends on whether you're talking from my POV or Jo's) to hug her. I also say half because it's actually more then 50% voluntary, I am thoroughly enjoying wasting an entire day lounging on my's for winners!

(as an aside....I'm not sure how much creativity is happening in that living room having just had a visit from Jo to tell me that she's arranged an interwebs date!)

Thirdly. Pants Man. I know you must be eagerly awaiting some kind of explanation in regards to him, but I'm gonna make you wait just a little while longer, cos I'm nice like that. I've been meaning to post for ages, but could never come up with anything half decent to write about (reading this diatribe back...I'm not 100% sure I shouldn't have left it a few more weeks!). After I made Pants Man I realised that maybe this is the kind of idiotic behaviour that I can use as a tenuous base for a blog post of questionable quality. Yet again, GO ME for my misplaced, hungover flashes of insight!

Fourthly.....and possibly most importantly, I appear to have fallen head over heels for a certain young man, again!! He's pretty easy to fall for, funny how life moves in circles sometimes :)'ve got it. This whole post is a thinly disguised excuse to come on the internet and boast because I'VE GOT A BOYFRAND!

Ahem....ok, that's out of my system now. So, for the sake of the poor guys privacy, I shall refer to him here as 'S'. You may be wondering why relationship = blog, I'm sure he is too, if he's reading this, concerned that I'll be trying to create some kind of real-life docu-blog, he'll be looking for hidden cameras. S is a military boy and so will be spending some very long, and occasionally boring, months away from home. Blogging is the perfect way to keep in touch, plus....he already thinks I'm crazy, so it won't matter when he reads the general kind of idiotic things I get up to day to day.

Don't worry! I'll leave the sappy crap for private emails....unless you anger me, and then you have only yourselves to blame.

You may have figured out by now the idea of Pants Man. Poor S made the mistake of forgetting a (clean) pair of underwear in my room. He's lost them forever now I'm afraid, I have absorbed them into my hovel, placed them on a huggable object and created Pants Man who now keeps me company when S is away.........mehehehehehehehe!!

S - I REALLY bet you wish you'd looked harder for those pants now :D

(Mum, dad, if you're reading this....I'm sorry, you suffer for my art *snort*, art!!)

(S....sorry if you just read that last bit)

Sunday, 9 January 2011

I'm in China!

So if you want to know what I'm up to I'll be over on the Travel Blog here :o)

Cheers x