Monday, 11 January 2010

.....and Breathe

Boy am I glad that's over and done with!

I got there a few minutes early so that Bruce and I could set up the computer and make sure everything was going to work ok, sure enough it worked fine....DAMN!!

Then people started to arrive, one, two, three......fifteen...sixteen?


I was introduced and got up to start my speil, I was a bit shakey and nervous, but then the nerves REALLY hit about 30 seconds in.

There was a little bit of stuttering and 'Ummmmmmm'ing as I stared at the ceiling watching an internal movie that showed me breaking and bolting for the door. I could feel myself shaking, it was horrible.

But then I forced myself to settle down and concentrate, and once I was in my flow it seemed to go ok.

I'm not sure that I got across all the points that Laura really wanted me to get across in quite the way I was supposed to, but for my first attempt at an actual presentation of anything since my dissertation in 2005 I think I did ok.

I've already been asked to check over the plans for an upcoming project etc etc...I think I'd better get cramming that Prince2 textbook again. It'll be good to get my teeth into something though, this is definitely knowledge that needs to be used, or you'll lose it quicksmart!

*Massive sigh of relief*

Now....onto all those millions of other jobs that have been piling up that I haven't been able to think about!

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