Saturday, 9 January 2010


A wee pre-amble....I just caught sight of the time on the bottom corner of my window and saw it was 10:45am. I almost leapt up and ran into the kitchen. This is tea time at work, it took me a couple of seconds to realise that I am in fact at home on the sofa, and I already have the biggest cup of tea in the world staring me in the face.

Just give me a moment whilst I put my world back to rights.

In my defence I'm quite ill, the cute Doctor yesterday has put me on 2 x tablets, 4 x a day, for ten days. I'm not sure quite how infected he thinks I am...but I'm sure there's an insult in there somewhere.

So if this is a bit haphazard, blame the burning fever!

Back to the point of the dare you distract me.

I'm a little bit excited because I've been given my first Blog Award by fellow blogger Ms Humble over at Not So Humble Pie. Please do feast your eyes upon the Fabulous Sugar Doll Blog Award:

*Tiny scream*

I wonder if Ms Humble is regretting this yet? Haw haw.

Ok, so, before I pass this award onto more excellent bloggers, I have to share ten things about myself, for your information and amusement:

1) Despite being one of the most gabby so-and-so's you ever would meet, I have an intense fear of public speaking. In fact, at this very moment I should be perfecting a presentation I have to give on Monday morning......ho hum

2) I once got a guinea pig stuck in a slinky, head sticking out one end, bum out of the other. My dad had to cut it off with wire cutters.

3) In 2005 I spent a month on a Vervet Monkey Sanctuary in South Africa, I was mummy to 11 baby orphans.

4) On 4th April this year I shall be jetting off to Bangkok to start a 3 month adventure around South East Asia, finishing up with a week in Sydney, Oz.

5) I'm a volunteererererer. I volunteered at London Zoo for 4 years and I'm still a member of St John Ambulance. I suspect it's an underlying uniform fetish.

6) I feel a strong sense of responsibility to start cooking more now that I've recieved this little award. I shall bake some locust cookies sometime over the next few weeks and post the disasterous results, purely for your entertainment. (They'll look like locusts, I hope....if they end up tasting like locusts I'll accept no direct responsibility).

7) My bessie mate is a stand-up comedian on the open-mike circuit. This means I get to go and watch a lot of comedy, whilst drinking a lot of lager. This plays havoc with my intention of losing weight before I go travelling....especially when we call Dominos upon arriving back home...

8) I work at a university and every morning I have a cup of Earl Grey from the student Café across the way from my office. I get VERY twitchy if I don't get my Earl Grey.

9) Once upon a time, for a little while, I was an Ann Summers party lady. Those of you who don't know what that is.....don't judge me when you google it. Ladies only, ladies only!

10) I've lived in 4 different places over the past 3ish years, every time I move I tell myself I'll chuck out a load of stuff for the next round.....I never do. I think my dad is ready to throw all my university textbooks out of the window, he has the pleasure of helping me every time I move.

Now to pass on the award. Everyone that I have chosen deserve the label 'fabulous' for one reason or another, and I know they can cook...hence.....

Seeing as this is a food (SUGAR!) related award, to keep the spirit of the Sugar Doll Blog Award alive, I challenge each of you to bake something yummy sometime over the next few weeks if/when you have time, and post the results :) If you don't have the time....just buy something from Marks and Spencers and eat it! We need to keep our strength up in this cold weather.

Violet Dear @

Wiluf @

Maureen @

Michelle @

Oggers @

Wendy @

accidentally, Kle @

Natalie @

Erm......Jo and Wilf, I'll be wanting to try your creations...and don't think you'll get away not trying my locusts :D



  1. This is sweet.
    And I like that I am compelled to bake, so thank you for that too.
    #5 really struck me... I'd never heard of a uniform fetish, but I recognized the suppressed inclination in me... wonder where I can release my inner attraction to dressing uniformally?
    #10... oh dear. I know that route.
    Off to Google "Ann Summers..."

  2. Eh! mmmh! Ah! Well! mmmmh! hum!

  3. No probs Kle.

    Natalie....DON'T DO IT!!!

    Wiluf....get your damn apron on biyatch!

  4. Thanks!

    But oh noes - you want me to bake something? Like, with sugar? I can do savoury no problem - heck, I baked the hell outta a fritatta a few days ago....

    I'll try!

    Cheers - V

  5. Congratualtions on the award and get well soon.
    Hamster in a slinky???

  6. Thank you, darling girl! Hmm, I don't bake. Time to try, I guess! I think the last thing I made were fried sugar donuts made from pre-packaged biscuits. Oh my poor children. I totally don't deserve an award like this. LOL.

    By the way, I had to google Ann Summers and all I can says is YOU GO GIRL. ;)

  7. V and girls can totally bake, I feel it in my bonesies!!

    I need to get going on something sweet to post up, I might get together with the Oglet and make something.....nom nom nom!!! was MUCH fun, I organised parties around peoples houses and got them all to dress up and then buy stuff....hilarity!!