Thursday, 23 December 2010


What does it mean when you visit a strangers house and they invite you to fire a rifle pellet directly into their living room floor? Does it mean you're TOTALLY in? :o)

Unfortunately the lovely chappie in question is a 64 year old bus driver called Ken, I've been single a while, but not prepared to go there quite yet.

The Christmas season is upon us! And in my own inimitable style, I still have half of my Christmas shopping to do and have written next to zero Christmas cards. I was much better when I was living at home and had my sister dragging me out shopping at every opportunity.

I have, however, managed to both amuse and horrify my new manager by decorating my new office:

Yes, I know, tasteful :o).
I have also managed to consume an entire box of Lindor almost to myself, and polish of half a bottle of bubbly with Oggs that was presented to me a mere day or so ago. I think as far as achievements go I'm doing quite well. Essential achievements such as wrapping and.......buying in general continue to elude me.

I'd like to take this opportunity to Say a big Merry Christmas to everyone out there who has held on as a follower during my exceedingly lax year this year! My resolution is to get off my blogging ass and do something fun to write about next year.
Next year I will mostly be writing about sludge......icy snow sludge, and then the wonders of finally being able to walk in a straight line with correct posture, instead of like a rather tense, hesitant gnome with a persistent back complaint.

Merry Christmas Y'all, and a Happy 2011. I hope the new year turns out to be all you wish for :o)