Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Things You Take for Granted

#1 Your VOICE!!

A couple of weeks ago I was struck down (so dramatic) with a nasty throat infection. Today I was back at the doctors with a new complaint, I've had coldy/flu symptoms for the last few days and now I've completely lost my voice and have a nasty rash to boot.

Yes, I've done the tumbler test, no blood poisoning...phew!

Sitting in bed this morning, contemplating how I would go about organising the docs, it struck me that I was in a bit of a pickle.

I couldn't call them myself as I can't speak, and my phone is out of charge, so I couldn't text my sister to get her to call the Doc's for me. Eventually I had a brainwave and remembered that I can send webtexts from the T-mobile website, but up until then it was going to be a case of just rocking up at mum and dads house and writing notes at them to call the docs for me.

Which brings me onto the doctors.

I prepared before I left and presented the doctor with a note reading:

'I had a throat infection 2 weeks ago, doc gave me penicillin, 2 tabs a day 4 x a day for 10 days, it cleared up.

Cold/Flu Symptoms since Thursday.

Now I haz lost my voice completely and weird rash on my arms, chest and legs.

Am I going to live? I'm too young to die'

Doc had a sense of humour which is good, I think many of them have it beaten out of them pretty early on, examining old womens bunions all day etc.

She asked to see the rash on my legs, and in my sexy/infectious husky tones I warned her that I hadn't shaved in months and apologised in advance. I'm SINGLE man! I'll stay single if I don't start shaving more often too!! :D

Viral laryngitis FTW, the rash is associated with the virus...nom nom nom. I've never felt sexier..all virussed up!

Complete voice rest, the family love it. Especially when I forget and try to say something every now and again, it sounds like someone's trying to start up a rusty old chainsaw in the corner of the room.

So, today it's mostly Civ and Pirates of the Caribbean Marathon....*sigh*, tis a tough life to be sure.


  1. Rusty voice nom nom nom!! I think rusty voices are damned sexy! A few months ago when my sister got all husky with a bout of flu, we were both crossing our fingers that she might have it forever! XD

  2. Trying to get out of setting up the B11 lab, eh!

  3. Ha ha, it'll sound sexy once I get past the infected chainsaw phase!

    Wilf - yeah...if I'd been clever I'd have waited till the locust one, let them do it all themselves!