Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I Haz Projekt Qualifikatiunz


Finally the news I've been waiting for...I passed my project management Practitioners Exam.

The news didn't come in quite the way I expected, I've been waiting for a (fat/thin/brown/white/large/small?) ominous looking envelope to fall through the letterbox, or to be staring across the room at me in a malevolent manner as I walked through the front door of an evening.

It came today, unexpected, without the fanfare of one hundred trumpets, not even a toot from a battered old pennywhistle, in the form of an email.

I didn't even have the chance to sit and procrastinate over whether or not to open it, pick my nose in wild anticipation (oh yes...I'm wild), the little '(P)' in the subject title told me all I needed to know.

....I'd like to note that this is assumption, I don't really know what '(P)' means, what I DO know is that, given my immediate conclusion, I'd have been REALLY pissed off if I'd opened the email to find I'd failed!....

That's all by the by, apparently Firebrand were delighted to inform me that I had passed my Prince 2 Practitioners exam, well done me and good luck in all my future projects. I'd stopped reading by this point, as the feeling of relief swept over me. Thank heavens I wouldn't have to go through that again!

Not too much later in the day, I noted that someone from Maginus Solutions had been checking out my blog, this name a-rang a bell and I realised it was the lovely Julian from my course. Obviously everyone had been sent the email at the same time, and so I set about contacting him, to which he responded that he'd gotten so worried about whether he'd passed that he'd been scouring my blog for news of whether I'd recieved my results or not.

It's a relief to know I wasn't the only one starting to get slightly tetchy.

It's also a relief to know that I wasn't a big fat fraud standing up in front of the Team Leaders to give a presentation on Prince2 methodology.

I Haz a Kredibility

I'll be back soon with something more amusing when I get a life and do something fun :D


  1. Hey! Well done you! That's great news, and I can totally relate to that 'omgipassedthankgod' feeling!

    u haz dood a gud job!