Sunday, 10 January 2010


No, it's not spiders (though I don't like those either), it's not snakes, it's not ghosts or heights or.....buttons.

It's back, the fear of public speaking.

I have a presentation to give tomorrow. Though I must admit, I'm not (at this point) as worried as I was last time. However...there's every chance that at 10:30am tomorrow I will be kacking in my knickers, wondering why I didn't call in sick.

The presentation is on Prince2 project management, the course that I bored you all to death with for a week about a month ago, ten minutes. I think I'm about as prepared as I'm going to be. I've practiced twice on Jo, who said that it had improved markedly between the first and second inflictions, and once on Grant, who said it all made sense and then faffed around with one of my powerpoint slides before screaming 'Close it, close it!! Don't save it!!'

My darling sister Nicki produced the powerpoint for me, and very nicely she did too. It would have been functional, but horrendous had I done it myself.

*Mental note to attend powerpoint course*

So, I have my powerpoint, my notes, and my mindmap:

Good old trusty mindmap, when I find myself floundering, it'll be there for me.

Wish me luck ladies and gents, I may need it!

Updates to come :)


  1. Okay that Mindmap scares me!

    But you will do great; I just know it! I always get nervous before presentations, and immediately afterward am certain I screwed it up, until someone comes by and tells me how good it was...

    So don't worry!

  2. You will be fine. You're surrounded by attention seeking duffers like me and Ogs, so you should know by now that it's no big deal. Just use the Drunk Monkey in the Tiger's Eye technique and you will be fine. Check this link out:

  3. Thanks guys :)

    The Mindmap scares me a bit too Maureen!! I'm hoping to not have to refer to it too often. Just knowing I have it there helps usually.

    Jackie Chan FTW!! Maybe I should go and have a couple of beers, that will definitely help my technique.....