Thursday, 14 January 2010

When Will it be Over!!??

Can't read my, can't read my......yoo can't read my poooker face!!!


Argh, I think I've gone a little bit mental over the past few days, it all started with that 'orrible presentation and it's gone downhill from there, it hasn't stopped!

Plus I've been carrying that silly Prince2 textbook everywhere with me incase someone tries to 'consult' me......oh to be qualified AND experienced!

It would be REALLY lovely to know if I am in fact qualified. Twice this week I've walked in and spied an ominous-looking envelope on the table, but nay. One yesterday appeared to be from my ISA provider, telling me that someone was taking over the company and that as a shareholder I have the right to my say, and to attend the meeting. The meeting that's taking place in about 4 days time, at 12:10pm.

If they REALLY wanted you to attend this meeting, they'd make it 3pm on a Saturday. I think for fun....ALL the shareholders should turn doubt to a meeting room that can hold roughly 11.5 people.


Here's looking forward to Friday and a chilled weekend!

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