Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Didger - He's MINE!!

Cos I are officially moving to the Stow :o)

The girl who's moving out is taking her cat :o(, I've heard the landlord might be considering getting one though, that would be sooooo cool!! Didger and the kitty could be playmates...that would be nice.

I'm also taking fern, I shall post a picture of him when I get one!

In fact, it seems I'm taking almost everything, including a bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers. It's nice as I'll be surrounded by familiar stuff, and sleeping on a familiar bed, but getting it all up there is a fag, I'll be borrowing a mates van, or hiring one for the day. I thought the room was much smaller than it is, but after seeing it the other night I'm pretty sure all my stuff will fit, yayyy!!!

My shsister says I may have her old telly. The new landlord says no telleh in the lounge, so I'll have one in my bedroom instead.

Woo hoo! Moving is exciting!

It's VERY quiet round here today, I work up in town and all the streets are quite empty, I don't think the protests are coming near here for once, so people have wandered off to find them. I've just moticed the Virginia Creeper opposite is coming up again, I just tried to take a picture, but everyone sitting outside the Café below looked up and gave me strange looks when I opened the window. I fear they may call the Terrorist Hotline if I start taking pictures.

Here's something more to make you laugh :o)


  1. Didger may be yours, but he keeps his current playmates thank you.

    I saw that lolcat and chuckled too. You are probably the only person that I know that checks it as regular as me. Love the fact you repost them.

  2. I think they're fab! I only pick the ones that REALLY make me laugh though, otherwise I think it would get boring lolz!

    I'm on there EVERY day!!

  3. It didn't post my WHOLE comment!!

    I said I'm getting Didger a pressie!! Or did I write that in YOUR comments??

    :os I have no brain :o(