Monday, 6 April 2009

People I KNOW! and the zoo

I've just found some more people I know who are blogging :o)
Just had to share that excitement with the world.....ahem.....

Zoo yesterday was mucho busy, the lovely weather this weekend has brought them out in droves, DROVES I tell ya! Although, it'll get much busier once the real summer comes along :). The wallabies are having babies, lots of little joey heads sticking out of pockets, and the squirrel monkey babies are doing well too :D

The new Animal Adventure has opened, I went to see it briefly yesterday, what a haven for children!! The animals in there are soooo cute too. I loved the pigs and the prarie dogs and the white-tailed coatis (red pandas to you and I) and the aardvarks are the funniest looking things ever, they spend most of their day laying around sleeping on their backs with their legs in the air. The aardvarks and the meerkats live together and apparently sometimes the meerkats come and curl up on the aardvarks belly and go to sleep too.........awwwwwww, I HAVE to try and get a picture of that for you guys. (Cue random aardvark picture)

There are tunnels and climby things and stuffz. The tunnels come out into a dome where you're at eyeball level with the meerkats running around. I would have gone in, but there were lots and lots of kiddies around. I also eyeballed the tunnel and thought that maybe, MAYBE it wouldn't be the best image for the zoo if Estates were called out to free someone from the tunnel, and then turn up to find a volunteer in full uniform wedged in there. I'll go back and try that one morning when no one is around :)

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