Friday, 24 April 2009

A Fresh Start?

Ahhh, fire alarm! I just spent a few minutes standing out in the sun because the fire alarm had been set off by some workmen. Thank you Mister Water-Hygiene-Contractor. I'm in a good mood today, though it's my last day without the boss in the office, I may have to take advantage and indulge in one of those San Miguels that have been sitting in the fridge for a year! Oh, hang on, he has this URL.....Hi Bruce...I would NEVER steal your beer, promise.

*uncrosses fingers*

So, many things in my life are changing at the moment. In just over a week I'm moving all the way to the other side of London, the dreaded 'North of the River'. I've always been a 'Southerner' so I hope they don't all beat me with sticks, I've heard that's what the 'Northeners' do. I know it's not exactly far, but it'll be the furthest I've ever moved from home, so for me it'll be a little bit of an adventure...pathetic as that may sound! I have lots of mates up there though, so I'm looking forward to life from a new angle.

I'm relatively newly single, and have been single before (shocked?? I know) so it's not as exciting as the moving. I'm still in that post-relationship 'NO!! Stay away from me!' phase. I felt really bad ending it all and whenever a bloke even glances in my direction I see our whole relationship flashing before my eyes and ending in either a mad whirlwind of tears and snot, or complete overwhelming relief (for him)...neither of which is good. So I swiftly do the crab-style side-scuttle and run off in the opposite direction, while the aformentioned guy (who was about to inform me that I had toilet paper hanging out of my flies) watches in amused puzzlement.

So! As I do every time I move house, which seems to be every six months at the moment, I have resolved to turn over a new leaf on the health and fitness front. One can only wonder how long THIS leaf will take to curl up and die a miserable, chubby death. However, I am hoping that posting my intentions on here will shame me into making a real go of it this time, in a similar way to the Reading List I published a week or so ago (more than halfway through 'Blood River' now). On Tuesday evening Jo and I are attending our first session of...wait for it....


I know I know, I KNOW it's all a big money-making scheme!! The thing is, I'm unhappy with my weight...but I'm not unhappy enough to really push myself to diet properly, I need some external influence. I'm hoping the combined efforts of weekly weigh-ins, and the knowledge that I'm paying GOOD MONEY for all this piffle will inspire me to work at it. What I'm mostly looking forward to is recipe ideas etc, as I do quite enjoy cooking be creative in the kitchen, so I think this will be good for me. I'm going to kill Jo with my attempts at vegetarian cookery!

I think my main problems stem from the evils of beer and bread! Mostly beer probably, though I have been known to consume 2 garlic batons in a day....they're TOO delicious!! SHAME!! SHAME ON ME AND MY GARLIC BREATH!! Do you have any idea how awful you feel sitting, covered in crumbs, after eating a whole garlic baton to yourself? So bad! So bad in fact, that you cheer yourself up with another garlic baton...oh yes. It's a vicious, stinky circle my friends.

The beer is an evil I find hard to avoid, but I'm going to have to try my best to cut down, sob! Maybe keep it to 3 pints instead of 5? Is that good enough? Baby steps people, baby steps. I don't think I can stand the though of G&T's...shudderment

Exercise...hmmm. Gyms don't do it for me at all, there is no point me joining a gym. I prefer to exercise at home, but there are so much more interesting things at television and cake. We'll see how the 'exercise' thing goes shall we, one thing at a time :o) I'll start by walking up the stairs at work instead of taking the lift....

....prepares petition to be moved to ground floor for 'health' reasons.....

This is going so well so far isn't it! For those of you who may not want to follow my dietary trials and tribulations, my intimate conversations with a black forest gateaux, the desperate struggle against cheese and beer...I may create another blog especially for these details. Or I may just hound you all, I haven't yet decided, you lucky things you..

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  1. I know stuff like WW is a bit of a rip off, but I think with both of us doing it, it will be fun. It has worked for me in the past. Listen out for old cynics who might say - yeah, but if you can't keep the weight off on your own, then it didn't really work did it??? We can only try sweets. We can only try.

    Don't worry about North Londoners kicking your shins in. I'll take care of you. I only get quarterly beatings not weekly now I've been North of the river for 9 or so years :)

  2. It'll be good! It's the recipes I'm mostly looking forward to :)

    Oh fabbydoozy! I'll just have to get skinny and fit so even if I can't fight back I can run!