Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Story of the day

This is too cute, reading the Metro this morning. A guy has made these little robots he calls 'Tweenbots', they're about a foot tall, can only roll forwards and have big smilie faces. It's a bit of a social experiment, the little bots have flags asking for help getting to a destination.

One tweenbot took 42 minutes to traverse Washington Park, with 29 people helping him out.

Is it a social commentary on helping out those in need? We're willing to help out the cute little cardboard blighters on the street as they pose no obvious threat of attack, infection, uninteresting conversation etc, but may not be willing to help out our fellow man in a similar situtation.

Follow this link and watch the video, it's lovely :o)


  1. What a coincidence! I stumbled across the website for these this morning at but it appears the metro beat me to sharing the news ):

  2. :) It was in their little section where they dig up weird and wonderful things from the depths of the internet! They have some great stuff on there sometimes