Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Farms and beer and doughnuts

I've been told off for being lazy with my blog! I'm back :o)

So Sunday was a good one!! Jo and I went to FARM, it was lovely, and Jo made a fwiend...seee! We saw goats, sheep and lambs, a sad donkeh, chickens, geese, ducks, piggies....er,er. I think that may be it, I'm sure Jo will correct me if I forget anything. The farm was cool, it was like a little eco-warrior haven in the middle of Hackney.

So, we followed our alcoholic noses to a pub just down the road, fully intending to return to the farm for feeding time......needless to say, we missed feeding time. We were busy supping pints and perving on fit rowers on the telleh (Oxford Cambridge boat race).

So afterwards we wandered to Hackney, heading in a vaguely homewards direction, looking for another suitable drinking hole. Our only criteria was that it served beer, so onwards to the Cock Tavern it was. I was needing a widdle by this point, so straight into the loo I'd just walked past on the way in. My first surprise was that the door to the ladies appeared to open out into a small outside area into which someone had unceremiously stuffed a small plastic table, umbrella and plastic chair ensemble. Now....I know I had signed up for a day of getting down and dirty with nature....but seriously? Then I noticed the door on my right.....shortly afterwards I wished I hadn't. I'd never been in a toilet like this in my life. The smell of urine was overpowering, the toilet roll was kitchen roll, there was no toilet seat, the plastic cistern was covered in cigarette burns and......shite. I've spent many a merry hour taking the piss out of ladies who paper the toilet seat, or worse, hover over public toilet seats. These kinds of ladies would have walked straight out of this loo, but me being me...and pretty desperate...I had to do the old squat and hover. It was at this point I was painfully reminded of how long it's been since I last did any squatting whatsoever, in any circumstances. In fact...I can still feel it now, as I type, a vicious reminder of how unfit I am. I've blocked it out, but pretty sure the legs gave way in the end *shudder*. I wished I'd gone and pissed in the courtyard.

After which I returned to the bar and spotted the newer, cleaner toilets at the other end of the bar. Damn my bladder!!

Aaaaaanywhoo, next pub was the Bootlaces, right near Jobies place, in which we stayed for a few. 2 pints of Guinness, mmmmmmm, Guinnesssssss. Jo had some fly intestine with hers too....and she calls herself a vegetarian. There was some kind of birthday party going on and it was slowly getting more and more messy, I can only imagine what the place would have been like had we stayed till closing!

More beers picked up on the way home.....mmmmmmmm. Back to Jo's and DOMINOS!!!!! Oh I love dominos!! I really do love it. I had saved money back especial and everything. Best part of an hour later it hadn't arrived, so we called back and got our garlic bread free! 2 meals for a grand total of £10.50. Did I mention I love Dominos??

....my apologies, this entry is becoming a bit haphazard, I have sausages cooking ready for a sandwich and I'm getting excited......

Lastly....I ate 3 Krispy Kreme doughnuts today :( Massive sugar crash at about 2pm! What am I gnna do with meself??

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  1. this blog is lovely. I didn't blog this detail either, but we say baby chicklets and a guinea pig and wabbit and no cow or horse.

    3 Krispy Kremes. Oh Golly. Get a grip woman.