Thursday, 9 April 2009

Last nights dream

I was just reading National Geographic and came across a picture of a walrus that brought back a scrap of a dream I had last night. After thinking a bit harder I remember some more of the dream, which is unusual as I mostly forget what I dreamt about after roughly 5 minutes of being properly awake. I'm going to write about it now before I forget properly!!

I kinda have to tell it backwards because my dreams are sometimes so schizto that my mind wanders backwards and forwards between completely unrelated things, and then makes the connections afterwards, resulting in some strange stories.

I had escaped from somewhere, I'd gotten to this somewhere by boat...somehow, and so I had escaped and must have been on a sinking boat, or swimming or something, and some guy came along and picked me up, said he'd take me back to wherever I was going. He was really nice and we just chatted etc etc, bla bla bla.

Now we're on the shore and I'm running away towards whatever it is I'm going to, not sure where this bloke is, but I'm a running and I get to this window which is near the ground, I look in and see a bloody handprint on the window, past that are 2 or 3 people trapped in a basement. By now this is running kinda like a film, I think that I (or my character) was at one point trapped in with these guys and I've come back to help them.

They see me and look horrified, I then catch sight of my reflection in the window and my face is covered in blood....maybe that bloke wasn't so nice after all, but I don't remember that bit. All of a sudden he's behind me and he's got these claws like Wolverine lolz. I'm now seeing this as an outsider....the guy cuts me, or my character to ribbons in front of these guys in the basement. After he's finished obliterating me, he turns as if he's going through the window for the rest of them.
Now another character appears, he kind of reminds me of a borg type thing. He mullers Mr Claws and ignores the rest of the guys, standing over the remains of my character, looking bewildered and sad. As sad as a borg-man can look anyway....

Then I wake up (in my dream) alive, and in period costume of all things, we've gone back to Edwardian times or something. I'm wandering through some kind of stately home or museum when I come across a sculpture. This sculpture is one I've seen in real life, here's a pic of it. It's called 'Sphere within a Sphere' by Alfredo Pomodoro, this is the structure from which the borg man emerges, almost like the guys from Hellraiser and the cube. This is when I realise (in my dream) that the borg-bloke was the person who had locked us all in a basement, he must have been in love with my character and after I'd been killed he realised he'd done something awful and wanted to change things so that I had lived. He'd turned back and changed time so that he never emerged from the sculpture/gateway and so he never caused my death.

So....he was nicer than pinhead anyway.......

What a strange dream, a prize for the first person who can tell me what that bloody thing means! Have I taken it from a film script, or maybe 5 different film scripts Peter?? When I woke up and started thinking about it I immediately thought...'I was dreaming about that film last night'...before realising, no, it was a random dream with some characters thrown in.

Oh, and the walrus reminded me of the manatees that positively littered the water whilst I was either on my way from, or back to the basement....

.....incase you were wondering.


  1. You have a very wide knowledge of Hollywood blockbuster type action/slash them up movies and this is affecting the reference points in your dreams.

    However at first glance - here is what I make of it.

    Getting chased is your usual anxiety dream bla bla.

    Dying is sexual. You is horny.

    Manatees mean you like wildlife. They made you feel safe when you were in the water.

    The sea in your dream, represents your unconscious and your transition between your unconscious and conscious.

    Cyborg means you wish men would be more in touch with your feelings.

    I started making all that up. Then I did some investigation, so I copied The sea one from a yahoo answers page. Then I found this.
    It has many of the elements of your dream in the list. Enjoy :)

    Overall I'd say you are over excited about seeing Didger and the kitties again, but slightly anxious that MC will slash you up like a bitch. Have fun xxx Happy Good Friday xxx

  2. *you wish men would be more in touch with their feelings for a start, but yours too would help. ha ha.

  3. I didn't expect quite such a studied explanation lady! :o) Thanks for the website info!

    I'd hoped no one would see it till I'd updated it with pictures and stuff, it looked boring so thank you for getting all the way to the end ha ha!!

    Hope you're having fun in Corny-wall, eating too much chocolate and pasties and ice cream and drinking too much cider!!

    B xx

  4. I'll set Didger on MC if she gets those claws out, he's traiing to be a Japanese fighting ninja fish!! :o)