Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Easter, cheese...and other stuff too

Well!! My Easter has been stupendously quiet, hence the lack of bloggage. I did spend some time sitting around thinking....I should do some blogging really, what shall I blog about? Zero......there was nothing to talk about.

I confess I'm still rather lacking in material now, but no reason for you not to suffer eh?? Tee heee heeeee.
So here's my mini summary of my Easter Break

Day 1 - Bed, Civ, Cheese, Civ, Bed

Day 2 - Train, Tube, Kittehs, Didger, lounge, Civ, remember I left raw salmon out on kitchen side and text Steve.....Bed

Day 3 - Tube, Train, Parents, Lunch, TV, Bed

Day 4 - EASTER!! TV, DVDS, TV, Garden, Civ, Sunday Roast, Beer, TV, Bed

Day 5 - TV, Civ, Lunch, Home, Found Salmon still sitting on kitchen sideboard, Mark Perry, Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer....BED
Day 6 - Hangover, Cheese, 17 Again, Horn, Hangover

Yes......tis about it really!! Note the distinct lack of 'Easter Egg Hunt' on Day 4.....I wasn't impressed either.

The cheese references regard the Port Salut and Gruyére I bought on Thursday...mmmmm....cheeeeze. Port Salut is my favourite and I fancied trying something different, the Gruyére is nice and altogether less fattening than Port Salut (though we are talking about cheese). I was rather pleased with myself for eating the cheeese with oatcakes....until I realised they were 42 calories each!! 42 BASTARD CALORIES!!! That's WITHOUT the cheese I'm slathering all over the top. My poor waist! I'm surprised I even still have one.

Civ refers to Civilisation, a PC game I occasionally become obsessed with, I've been playing mostly as Pericles this weekend....yes, Pericles, a lovely, bearded dead Greek man :o) I'm a nerd...so shoot me :D

Now, the salmon....I took it out of the fridge with good intentions, I was going to chuck it away as I knew Stevie wouldn't eat it and it would go minging in the fridge. Then I forgot it. And Steve wasn't in enough to realise it was there, and had forgotten I'd text him about it (in fairness it was wrapped in a Tesco carrier bag too). The smell was the first thing that hit me when I walked in on Monday :o) Yummo.

I took a few pics in mum and dads garden on Easter Sunday, harrassing my family with a camera as they toiled in the greenhouse. I've never seen my sister gardening before, I needed photographic evidence or no one would ever have believed me!! Here are a couple of snaps I took:

I went out with Markypoos last night for a couple of drinks, we weren't out too late, but I shouldn't be too proud of our self restraint. The truth is it was bank holiday Monday and everything shut at midnight....despite our scouring there was nowhere open so we were forced to bid one another adieu. Beeer....mmmmmmmmm.

Saw 17 again today, previous to this I didn't quite understand the Zac Efron thing....I do now. Being the mature lady I now am, I'm unlikely to be plastering my walls with pictures of his delightful mug and carapace (for want of a better term), but bloody hell if I was still 16 or 17 I'd be praying to the dear boy every night. It's lucky for him I'm older and wiser now. I'll resist putting up a picture. The film itself was really good, started off on a somewhat serious note which I wasn't expecting, but it's very funny and lots of morals etc throughout, great for kids I think, especially with Mr Efron being one of the latest role models for teenagers and children.

*stalks young hottie on Facebook*

I think that just about sums it up. I must get back to my sisters strange request for a list of the special features on my Dirty Dancing 20th Anniversary edition DVD!!

Mmmmmm, Patrick Swayze.....

Come now people....everyone knows I have ZERO self restraint :D Enjoy


  1. I just majorily forgot everything i read.. because of the hot zac efron pic!
    the stomach ... :P

  2. It's the eyes and smile that get me...look at his beautiful face!! The body runs a VERY close second!