Thursday, 30 April 2009

I haz a happy

Ah, I've been a little stressed today, what with one thing and another, but I just got made all happy again.

I came back to my office to find a little package on the floor, it was a bag of Pernigotti chocolates and a handmade card with a giraffe drawn on the front :)

I gave some zoo tickets to one of the guys at work a couple of weeks back, knowing he had little kiddies, and it was a little thankyou present, the card was drawn and written in by his 7 year-old daughter.

It's really sweet and thoughtful I think. The card is now gracing my key cabinet and the choccies are....well.....I'm sure you can guess. I'll put up a pic when I can find a digital camera that works, bloody work hardware!!!

I haz a happy :)


  1. Ah lovely card.

    Speaking of chocolate. You didn't take the bar of chockie that I got you from Ukraine. This is a very dangerous policy and there is no guarantee that it will survive until the weekend when you move up North.

  2. OMG!! I was too hungover to even think about chocolate ha ha.

    Just as well the WW fell through, I seem to have chocolate coming out of my ears right now. Nice and fat for this Tuesday I shall be :o)