Thursday, 16 April 2009

Reading List

Ok, so I bought a load of books in a knowledge-craving frenzy a month or so back, I finished 2 of them no problem, but seem to be having trouble getting through the rest!

So, in an effort to shame myself into getting my ass in gear, my brain on track and my eyes opened, I have published my reading list here. As I finish them I'll remove them from the list and maybe add a new one....maybe :o) Please do feel free to humiliate me publicly for literature-laziness!

There are some toughies on the list, but you'll lose all respect you may have gained for me because of those titles when I tell you that the volume at the top of the list was written by, wait for it, none other than a 76 year old chimpanzee named Cheeta. I assume he hired someone for the typing.

What is even sadder is that I saw this book in Waterstones with the 'authors signature' on the inside cover and called my sister to find out if mum had purchased it for me for xmas already. When I recieved a resounding 'NO' I immediately bought it.

Yes, that is Cheeta himself, at his 75th Birthday party, doesn't he look....great? Frankly I'm surprised he's lasted this long if that's what he's being fed!

So I now own what is basically a story scribed by a man pretending to be a geriatric ape, with what is in all probability a smudge from the finger of a demented toddler inside the front cover.

It's my favourite book EVER!!!!!

I'm just surprised I haven't come down with chicken pox yet


  1. Besides the cheeta shame, you are such a brainiac Miss Sprog. I've got some chick lit you can borrow if the going gets tough :)

  2. Ahhh, I may have to borrow the Stars' Tennis Balls if it all gets too much :o)