Friday, 3 April 2009

An angry day

I'm having an angry day today...I'm not sure why, I'm sure everyone has days when everything seems to piss them right off, and before you say it, no...I don't think it's PMT!

I'm angry that one mate is being pissed around, I'm angry that another mate moans incessantly and yet seems unwilling to do anything to change the circumstances, I'm angry that certain people at work feel they can just offload everything onto me instead of getting off their arses to do it themselves....

I'm having a bad day...

But I always keep my sense of humour.....

.....Because life is just too damn short to quibble over crap.

This is my kinda kitteh :D


  1. oooooh, which one am I? Am I one? If I am, don't be pissed off on my account. Its Friday sweetpea, the weekend is here. yaaaayyy :)

    I like your kitteh :)

  2. It's a secrit!! A secret secrit!

    Friday Friday, lie in tomorrow!! Jahhh!

    My kitteh iz pritteh :o)