Friday, 17 April 2009

I 'Heart' Delivery Men

I ordered some cardboard moving boxes yesterday off a company in tinterwebs advertising 'next day delivery' bla bla bla. Ok, I've heard all the 'Why didn't you just get them free from the supermarket/work/zoo after they've been used by small furry animals as toilets?'. It's all well and good people, but that involved work on my part, and the mere thought of that exhausted me as it was, so I purchased them online :o)

Get to the nitty gritty and first off they charge me £10 for postage and packing!! If you're going to pay for your laziness you're gonna PAY for it they're telling me! Begrudgingly I pay this P&P, ironic, paying postage and packing for flatpack cardboard boxes!

THEN there's a little box saying 'excess for special delivery requirements 'Saturday before noon', 'Saturday after noon', 'guaranteed weekend delivery'. The cheapest was about £6. Bastards!! Well, I thought, I have 4 days off, chances are they'll arrive Saturday or Monday, I ain't paying no stinking excess!

They just arrived......half past 11 on Friday morning, without paying any excess. I would have been blissfully ignorant had I paid my £6 for next day delivery. I'm also convinced that had I paid £12 for a weekend delivery they'd have held back till the Sunday just to make it look more impressive, 'Look at us, we're delivering on a Sunday, the day of rest, I should be at Church you know, I did this for you'.

HOWEVER!! One cannot complain for I have recieved excellent service! I ordered them yesterday and they arrived today, fandabby doozy!

HOWEVER!! My housemate had forgotten I was in and locked the deadlock on the door, and I couldn't find my coat with my keys in (the nasty little thing was hiding under my dressing gown). So I was shouting like an utter gimp through the door at him:

'Sorreh!! I appeah to be a-locked in!! Can you leave the delivereh outside puh-leeeze??'

'You have to sign for it madam' - came the ghostly voice through the door

'Uh......oh yah, can you er....maybe.....stick the form through the letter box pleaze??'

'Yes Madam' - cue almost audible roll of eyes as the form rustles through the letter box!

So that's how it happened. I've found my keys and retrieved my delivery, lovely they are too. What he probably doesn't appreciate is how lucky he is that I didn't smoosh my face up against the glass of the front door window. That would have been all the excuse he needed to leave in a hurry, a strange face suddenly appearing, pressed up against the window, one eye rolling madly at him through obscured, fire-resistant know, the stuff with the wire in it.....that would have been bad......


  1. It is Friday today. Am I confused or do you say they arrived on a Saturday? Hmpf.

  2. You're so correct,I have amended my post! Being at home on a Friday has confused me :o)