Monday, 16 November 2009

Weekend of Music and Mayhem

What a fabulous weekend I just had! Busy and knackering, but fantastic all the same.


The weekend started with Gerbilarium and Toms housewarming party in Wood Green. I was staying over and had forgotten to fetch my small sleeping bag from my parents house, so I had to trek over with this MONSTER sleeping bag. I can quite describe how large this thing is and I got more than a few strange glances. The strangest being when I wandered into Costcutters to get beer, I tied the sleeping bag to my other bag and carried the beer around the shop.

I think I resembled some kind of odd, alcoholic gypsy.

The party was wicked, the guys had been worried that the weather would prevent them being able to use their roof terrace, but for most of the evening the rain held off, though it was a tad blustery I must say! The next day when we went for a brekkie we walked past all the blown-down building detritus from the roadworks, it was like a scene from 28 days later. Despite never having met any of their guests, everyone got on really well, much beer was drunk, much wine was spilt by Kayleigh and many snacks were eaten.

People began to leave at about midnight at which point Kayles and I found anything we could to dip in the remaining....dips. There were 2 slice of bread...they went first. Then do you dip peanuts in dips you may ask. Very messily I would answer.

At about 1am Kayles, Hayley and I went out for FRICKEN!! The things you witness in Fricken shops. We're pretty sure a bird dragged some guy into the bathroom to pleasure him in certain ways...and Kayles woke up a bloke who was quite clearly dead drunk, only to then be propositioned by him. At this point we made our exit whilst he staggered up the road after us. Luckily, he seemed to come to his sense and stopped at the bus stop.

I fell in love with their flat, it's small, but perfectly formed with dark wood beams, their own bathroom with a corner bath, a little walk in cupboard and a ROOF TERRACE! Did I mention that before? It's a personal roof terrace too! They share a kitchen, but that's doable, it's the bathroom that's a faff to share. Gorgeous!

The next morning involved mainly playing with the gerbils in the bath and BREAKFAST!! Oh yum, oh yum yum yum!!


Once I got home...started with a 2 hour nap and then the zoo rota...hardly thrilling!

Linda and I have been trying to see Kylie (Del) and his band Bricktop play for AGES, and we finally managed to get a date out of him that both of us could get to, we weren't gonna miss it!

I got to Linda's at about 6:30pm and we sat down for a couple of beers and ordered some Dominos pizza!! NOM!!

We hit The Standard just after 8pm and immediately ran into Kylie who was kind enough to buy us a now I was on the Guinness...oh dear!

Bricktop were supporting the main act of the night, Bootleg Blondie, a Blondie Tribute band. The great thing about Bricktop is that, as well as slinging in a couple of sing-along crowd pleasers, they write and perform their own stuff, not constrained in the way tribute bands are. For a 3-piece they were bastard loud and had everyone bouncing along, it was fantabulous. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed seeing live music. It ended too soon for my liking, here's a taste!

Bootleg Blondie were cool, the lead singer looked remarkably like Debbie Harry with the cat-like eyes. There were 3 costumes, each top/dress getting slightly, slightly shorter. The last one was basically a long t-shirt and there was a massive flash of ass every time she turned around!

At one point whilst we were outside a guy came up...clearly pissed off his tits! He started chatting to us and asked us where we lived..


'REALLY?'.....looking at Linda 'I'm from Walthamstow! We should swap numbers and hook up'

'No......we shouldn't'

'Oh? Why?'

'Cos I'm leaving, for Australia. No offence, it's been planned for a while, I didn't just decide!'

At which point another dude came over, having heard the word Australia, he was half Ozzie half South African...interesting accent.

The drunk guy now came into his own by exposing possibly the only redeeming things about him, a couple of awesome tattoos. On his left upper arm he had an amazingly intricate tattoo of a monster from the Alien movies. On his right shoulder he had the Predator, again, fantastic quality! Everyone seemed to be oohing over the Alien, but I liked the Predator better....but then I've always had a thing for guys with dreds.

I had 3 pints of Guinness whilst there and they didn't even seem to touch the sides. After an excellent night out listening to music and bopping at the back of the bar, I made it home relatively sober and before midnight.

What a bloody excellent evening, check out Bricktop!!

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