Thursday, 12 November 2009


If you're a morning person you get to see some funny stuff.

As I left my house this morning and turned left as per normal I was confronted with this sight:

This humungous lorry was parked at the end of my road outside the allotments, for seemingly no reason whatsoever. There were 2 guys just sat in the cab, no evidence of off-loading. Evene if they WERE where? I'm pretty sure I've never seen 'HORNY!' in the Co-op. Maybe one of the small newspaper shops is trying out the 'sex-sells' angle? After all it does 'Macht lust auf mehr', which BabelFish reliably informs me translates roughly to 'makes more desire'.

What's next? Sexy girls washing the windows in their bikinis?

I guess anything is worth a shot in todays economic climate.


The second funny thing that I.....and 3/4 of London saw is this.

For those of you who don't fancy following the link, basically, an ex-astronaut drove 1000 miles across the US from Houston to Orlando to launch an attack on a love rival.

Feasible...however, the part that this link doesn't mention, is that she was dressed in a wig and a nappy at the time. It seems she had the sense to cover up with a trenchcoat though.

Ah, all pre 8am....I wonder what other treats the day has in store for me?!

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