Monday, 9 November 2009


I have a stinky presentation to give tomorrow and I don't wanna!

It's pathetic really, it's 5 one person...and I'm doing it specifically because he knows I have a problem with public speaking, so I'm guessing he's not expecting me to be any good.

I'm not sure what this problem is that I have with public speaking. When I was a kid I was terminally shy. I mean REALLY shy, not that you'd know it now. These days I can approach strangers and start conversations, I can even go up to people in the fish and chip shop and order something (never would have as a kid). Yet I have this massive public speaking hangover

Red, flustered and stuttery. A flustered, stuttery beetroot. Reduced to a vegetable.

So....I've been running through what I'll say, I inflicted a stunted version upon my mother yesterday and Wilfy helped me by printing my garish visual aid out in A2 today. I'm hoping the bright colours will distract him from the piss-poor content of my presentation.

I'm going to get an early night and get up early tomorrow morning, trudge into work and run through a couple more times before I meet him at 9am.....

Wish me luck guys, I'll report back on my progress.

One thing is for sure, I'll be needing Party Piece tomorrow night!

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  1. He's asking you to speak because he knows you have a problem with public speaking/ Is he attacking you or trying to push you to better yourself?

  2. No he's not attacking me, it's the second option. He's actually my mentor at work.

    I confessed at our last session that I have a severe problem with public speaking, so he challenged me with doing a 5 minute presentation.

    Gawd...I really do hate public speaking

  3. How was it?

    Where are you now?

    Are you ok?