Saturday, 7 November 2009

Backpackers Packing List

Some of you know that I'm planning on spending April, May and June next year travelling around South East Asia.

I say plan because although I've booked the time off work, I haven't yet organised my flights and have just lost my passport!! I fully intend on getting there, but one doesn't want to tempt fate.

So, I've been thinking about what to pack and I've been looking at a number of websites that purport to advise you on what to take. It seems that the rule of thumb is as follows:

Make a list of the minimum you're happy to take and decide how much money you think you'll need. Then...when it comes to packing, halve the amount of stuff you intended on taking and double the amount of money.


I'm planning on taking a relatively small bag, 35 litre maximum. Apart from the fact that it's been recommended by most people I've spoken to, I KNOW how grumpy I get when I have to hump luggage around everywhere with me, and it's best to avoid that. This means I'll have to pack savvy. A large amount of stuff I could pick up when I arrive in Bangkok, and much cheaper than I could buy it here, but there are things I must have before I leave.

Here's a list of stuff I have in mind to take with me, it needs honing and if any world travellers come across this somehow I'd really value your input!

2 vests
2 long sleeved shirts (pick uppable in Bangkok?)
One long skirt and one pair of convertible lightweight trousers
2 pairs of lightweight trousers
4 pairs of undies
3 or 4 pairs of socks
Bikini/Swimmy cozzy
Poncho/Rain Mac
TEVA shoes (I'm getting for xmas....wew hew)

Silk sleeping bag liner
Microfibre towel
Mossie Net
Mossie Repellent
Duct Tape
Notebook and pen (prittstick?)
Sewing kit
Sandwich bags/ziplock bags

First Aid Kit:
Micropore Tape

Universal cleanser
Dental floss

And also all the necessary paperwork of course! Passport, tickets, insurance and vaccination details, cash and bank card. Photocopies of everything.

People always say take a travel belt, but I'm umming and ahhing about this. First off, unless you get a super-swishy one they're likely to be hot and annoying against your skin in warm weather. Secondly, if you're targeted by a thief, chances are they'll know you're likely to have one and will take or slash it. My plan is to take a daysack and sew pockets into either that or the rucksack and put my passport etcinto those. So even if someone comes along and slashes the bottom of your bag, they don't fall out.

It may seem quite a bit, but a lot of the items are very small and others pack down quite small.

Optional extras would include:

Washing Line
Alarm Clock
Guide Book
Eating/drinking utensils

I'm also CONSIDERING buying a netbook to take with me, but it adds weight...and there's also the risk of theft. I'd make sure it was insured!! The benefits are that I can take advantage of the wi-fi I know is prevalent (except in the very remote places), keep in touch with people, and blog my heart out!

There are things I'm bound to have forgotten, as well as stuff I haven't even thought about. Any suggestions/advice/criticism (of the constructive variety) would be very welcome. Also, any suggestions for brand/model of backpack!

Thank you very muchness ladies and gents.

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