Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Money Makes the World Go Round


I witnessed something that made my heart sink a little bit yesterday.

Jo and I were on our way to Party Piece when we stopped across the road for some money outside Morrisons. As we approached the cash machines there was a guy with a pram and a coupla littluns drawing out some money. His daughter, who I guess was about 4 years old was faffing around on the other machine pretending to draw money out. Cute. far....

The guy finished his transaction and removed the little girl for us so that we could use the machine. He then handed the kid a ten pound note.

She held it in the air to check the watermark, waved it around a bit like it was some kind of 'golden ticket', and then she kissed it.

She KISSED the money.

It wasn't just the kiss, it was the way she did it...almost as if she worshipped the stuff.

What are kids being taught to value nowadays? Does she know you have to work for money, or does she think she can just take it from a machine, in the same way that so many kids from 'superpower' nations believe that milk comes from a cardboard cow? Super in what way exactly?

I think I'm going to go home tonight and try for a proper clearout, that really sickened me and I know I have an attachment to far too many material things.

Let's cleanse the soul and get rid! Although in all liklihood I'll get in tonight, decide I'm too tired, faff around on my computer and fall asleep in my comfy bed surrounded by the 26 years worth of detritus that I hold so dear...


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  1. She was kissing the picture of the Queen. Really, she was just being a true patriot. BTW, I'll need your real name to try and friend you on FB. Can you sms it to me? Jo has my mobile no.