Thursday, 12 November 2009

100 Post Milestone!

This is my 100th post! So I thought I'd give myself a cake...because I'm on a diet and no one else is going to give me one!! Have a bite!

I'm pretty happy with how the old bloggage is going so far, I'm sure the Crap Blog Detective will be along at some point to correct me and reduce me to a jibbering idiot in the corner, but ho hum, I won't be the first and I surely shan't be the last.

Since I added the StatCounter a few weeks ago I've been hooked, hooked and intrigued. I was most excited when I got my first non-UK hit, now I've had hits from every continent except the Arctic and Antarctica.....which, of course, I fully intend to visit purely so I can log in and get the full set. Ok ok, only one from both South America and Africa, but I'm working on it, ok? And, just because I'm that it is, my recent visitors map:

If you've ever visited before then one of those little pins is you. I know it's tiny, but this is the best I can do, sorry!

There are lots of you out there, do feel free to leave a comment every now and again, it's not polite to lurk you know! :D Maybe you can tell me which dot belongs to you....unless you live in London...I doubt you could decipher which is yours!

I'm off to have a cup of dodgy Spanish Earl Grey in celebration. You didn't expect an epic for my 100th did you? All this blog posting has knackered me right out.

I know how to do it in style.....Rock and Roll


  1. This blog is utter crap. I can't believe your friends and family would visit it, let alone strangers. How long did it take you to photoshop that visitors map?

  2. And I didn't even link it or anything!


    Only a few minutes, I just asked it to pinpoint the worldwide locations of anyone named Smith.

  3. Blog Crap Detective? Funny stuff.

    I guess I'm the Arizona, USA dot.

    Nice goin' on the 100 posts.

  4. I figured you knew the blog crap detective guy. I checked out his blog.
    I'm afraid the poor guy is dealing with some issues.

  5. Well done love. 100 posts and every one a gem ;o)

    So glad you got your visit from that detective chap.

  6. The best thing about CBD's blog is the comments. He may have some issues, but some of his commenters are worse! Check out the cyber café chick...gawd.

    Aw, thank you Jobie, love love...and well done on your knitting completion!