Friday, 20 November 2009

Sheer Class and Elegance

Oggers and I left the pub after 2 pints yesterday (I KNOW!), knowing we had some beers back at Jo's place.


There were 3 beers

2 of us....and 3 beers, it's an odd number...never good.

So, we bought this:

Tinny in a brown paper bag.......oh yes.....oh yes. All we need is a coupla fags, velour tracksuits, gold hoop earrings and a buggy pushed by a small child wearing a grubby vest.

'2 straws and 2 cigarettes a whole much for 2?

60p??!!.......How about one? We'll share.'


  1. I love velour.

    Err, We left the pub after two AND A HALF pints. Not that I want to nit pick, but don't forget the half for the road chick...

    You didn't tell peeps how we only drank two of our four cans of lager and how we are super healthy and didn't even order a pizza, but made dinner instead. Tell them that bit too.

    If only it were Diamond White in the bag. Budweiser is way to class for brown paper.