Thursday, 26 March 2009

My lovely sister and her dead toe

Well....I tell a small lie, she has dead skin on her baby toe, she would just like everybody to know that. My one follower is now nicely up to date :D

I've decided to introduce her because when I was chatting about blogging earlier she became suspicious that I had been talking about her. I realised I hadn't....what is THAT all about, so here we are!

Nicki and I met on 22nd June 1986, whereupon I began poking her face in the long-held tradition of sibling rivalry.....and nothing much has changed. She looked a bit like David Jason back then...see evidence above!!

When we were younger we fought like cat and dog, I seem to remember scissors even being thrown at one point!! Eeek!! There were brief moments of calm though...look at this, bless us!

Now, mum must have made an extra special effort for this photo after the one from the year before, which I won't even try and dig up to post. It seems that we had a slight aversion to preening during our childhood. We had National Trust 'passports', the photos in these were truely hideous! My hair resembled the nest of a psychotic albatross and Nicki appeared to have a some kind of bruise...or perhaps chocolate on her face. Could you not have CLEANED us first???!!!
Bloody parents!

Here are some facts about my lovely sister*:
  • She owns approximately one million and two pairs of shoes

  • She has a bag to match every pair of shoes

  • She has a chocolate Nesquik fetish

  • When she grows up she wants to be a kipper

  • She will readily attack people for a tasty snack

  • Possessesssesss one of the best senses of humour I've ever known

  • Got her hamster 'Hammy' so fat that a) we had to replace his house for a larger model, b) he fell onto his side and couldn't get back up again, c) when he died we had to fork out for a crane to bury him in the garden

  • She has a penchant for sexually assulting snowmen

*one of these is false, only one.

Well, hopefully this is suitably embarrassing for now...if not I have plenty more I can write about, don't I Nicki!!! :D I shall leave you with some evidence of my last fact....


  1. Your sister - Snow Perv. You must be very proud.

  2. That's Count Sansome...the vampire snowman. There are actually MUCH worse ones of me in terms of molesting I can't say much