Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Tapas, I am obsessed

I would have added this to my original tapas post......but it looks as if you can only edit up to a certain time afterwards?? Or maybe I'm just rubbish!

APPARENTLY!! The word tapas actually means 'lid' which I already knew because it confused me somewhat when I was looking for the meaning of tapas myself. Originally tapas was the term for a slice of bread or meat that sherry drinkers in Andalucia used to keep flies out of their sherry (I guess they didn't mind them laying eggs on their chorizo). These meats were very salty and thirst-inducing, the barmen took full advantage and started creating lots of little thirst inducing snacks to serve with the sherry = more sherry sales, hence the birth of tapas

I aim to educate! Enjoy :o)

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