Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Digestive Pyrotechnics

I know various people who think my conversations always come back round to poo.....and yes, sometimes I do indulge in the odd fecal conversation, however, I feel I have been led astray by people at work in this regard. One of my colleagues has been on MSN from home for 3 days now, describing each motion as it passes. He has some kind of food poisoning or gastric flu....and so he's passing a motion roughly every 30 minutes!! The digestive acrobatics I've been privy to over the last few days have made even MY toes curl.....

....moving on swiftly......

I'm going to ITALY in June!! 3 nights in Rome, 4 nights in Florence. I scoured Amazon this morning and have guidebooks to Rome, Florence and Tuscany, and a book on conversational Italian winging their way to me in the post now :o). The last time I went to Rome it was in October, I want to see the Spanish Steps in Spring/Summer, they were lovely, but the pictures I saw afterwards had lots of lovely flowers surrounding them, hopefully I'll catch that this time.

I've never been to Florence but I've always wanted to and so I'm looking forward to that too. Flights and hotels are booked....just the internal train rides now.

Watch out Italy!

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