Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Mew :o( Do I HAVE to move again??

My housemate told me he's moving out last night, moving in with a mate to help out with the mortgage. How can I be upset about that? I can't, he's lovely and he's doing it cos he cares.

Leaves me in a bit of a predicament though, here are my options:

  • Stay and try to find someone to move in with me...either a mate or a random by advertising on the interwebs

  • Move back in with my parents....shudderment*

  • Move in by myself (the most attractive prospect if I can afford it)

  • Convince/force a mate to let me move in with them

  • Move into a flat/houseshare where I'd run the risk of ending up with someone I dislike

*Just to clarify, love the parents to bits, but once you've moved out it's hard to go back....I need my own space, and they don't have enough of it!

So I've spent this morning on property finder looking at places in Croydon and Walthamstow....worlds apart I know, but I'd like to be close to either family or friends. Much as I like my own space, I don't want to be out in the sticks all alone!

I just hope Daddeh has plenty of room in the van.........


  1. The Stow. The Stow. You should definitely move to The Stow. Croydon smells of wee. So does E17, but I'm here too :) Plus it is well cheap and has tooob trains to boot.

  2. I'm trying my best :o)

    He's come back saying he does need someone to move in. Howvere, his person is moving out 15th April and I might not be ready to move in until mid may....we'll see what he says about that, and I'll talk to steevie

  3. It's looking good, I might be in The Stow, The Stow, The Stow....before you know it!!