Monday, 23 March 2009

Bodyworlds, zoo, grumpy animals...all the usual

So yeah, I went to Body Worlds - Mirror of time, on Saturday with my sister. It was quite interesting. I do think that MAYBE they could have eased you into the exhibition a little more softly than they did. The first thing you're confronted with is tubes containing embryos in various stages of development....then you turn the corner and you have foetuses....or should I say foeti? I'm not in the habit of referring to herds (collective noun for foeti??) of foeti so I don't really know......Where was I?? Foeti in glass cases. The climax of which is the 'reclining pregnant lady' whose abdomen is opened up to expose the baby and how it affects all the internal organs, smooshed up underneath the lungs and diaphragm.

Despite the slightly rough nature of introduction, it is very interesting, especially if you are into anatomy, biology etc. It didn't really sink in with me that these guys are really real, until I saw the skin man, a flayed guy standing there holding up his skin. It's only when you get close that you see all the hair on the skin of the arms and legs....and the fact that he had really cracked heels (Garnier foot lotion would have worked on that love). I do respect the people that sign themselves up for this process, putting themselves up for the most intense and intimate scrutiny you're ever likely to experience.....albeit after you're dead.

Biggest Pro: Made me come away with a better understanding of how the shite I do affects my body, and wanting to maintain a healthier lifestyle....I wonder how long THAT will last!

Biggest Con: They left the nipples on the women but not the men!! Hmmmm *enter cynical smilie here*

Zoo yesterday was good :o) Lots and lots of new people which is excemellenté!!

Animal tried to kill me though! Yes! It's true! Her name is Roo, she's a milk snake. Most people say harmless, but now I know different.....killers they are!! KILLERS!!

ok, so she's about 4 foot long, 1.5 inch circumference, and VERY grumpy! Looks a bit like that one there. Evil!! Watch out for her!


  1. Wednesday was a top night though. 8 pints? I was going with 6, to sound totally sensible. We were drinking it like peach squash though. Got to be fair.

  2. Iz true iz true, I think it may have been more than 6....shall we go with 7??