Friday, 20 March 2009

Mmmmmmm, tapas

Just went for lunch at Navarros for my bosses birthday, I haven't been for tapas for ages and forgot how much I like it. I even tried the calamari rings...aren't I good!

I always find with tapas, I look at the dishes as they arrive and think 'Oh it's faaaaaaar too much, my tiny (pah!!) frame will never support it'....then reality kicks in as I remember how many people are sharing, so I try and snarf as much as possible (as subtly as possible) to fill my substantial (that's more like it) frame.

THEN I realise that I was right in the first place, they just keep turning up with more and more food, but the brain hasn't kicked in yet, I'm in primal mode....and by then end of the meal I'm sat like some puffed up toad in the corner and have to be rolled back to work.


I didn't have pudding though so overall this is a success story!

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