Saturday, 28 March 2009

Robster-Goggie and general crap

Ahhhhhhhh!! Look at the poor liddle robster-goggie!! Come to think of it...look at the state of the hobs, only just noticed that. If you're going to take pictures then sort it aaaaaaaat people!

That made me laugh, just had to share.

Chillaxing at the homestead today, after the initial slight mingingness of getting up this morning (one too many beers with the wiluf last night) I've had something to eat (sausage roll, chicken tikka bites and 2 petit filous) and a nice shower and feeling better.

Going to Hackney City Farm with the Jobie tomorrow! I'm gonna see the piggies and the cows and the horsies and the sheeps and goats and CHIKINZ!! I really want chickens when I get my own place with a garden :)

Going to check out the new homestead Monday night exciting!!

Update on sister blog! - When Nicki was little she cut her bum on the bidet climbing from the bath to the toilet!! Mehheheheheheheheheheheh!!

Sorry Nicki :o)

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  1. Last Post Saturday?


    It is Tuesday now Miss. Crack on with it.