Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Hola Espana!

I'd have done the little upside downy exclamation mark at the beginning too...but I've just spent 2 minutes looking for how to do it on Google. If I haven't found it within 2 minutes it'll take me weeks...forgive my laziness.

Today is Friday! For me at least.

Tomorrow Nicki and I jet (I say jet...I mean RyanAir *spit*) off to Barcelona for the best part of a week. I'm very much looking forward to it for a number of reasons:

- I have never been to Barcelona before. In fact, I've never been anywhere in Spain that wasn't on a horrendous schooltrip, being forced into all kinds of 'fun' activities and having to share a room with vacant bimbettes that went on to become Page 3 WAGS.

- That last bit was a minor Majorca officially part of Spain? And only one of the bimbettes climbed the heady slopes to Page 3 stardom.

- It'll be the first time Nicki and I have been on a holiday of substance together. I mean sure, there wwere all the camping holidays with mum and dad growing up, but this is our first holiday as young laydeez. It could be an exercise in sibling psychology, but I'm confident that we will get on famously :o)

- Spanish men!!!! Did I just say that out loud?

- Spanish food. I have the feeling that I will be indulging my love of seafood at any and all opportunities. I wonder if they do robster in Barcelona, I've yet to try it....robster with garlic butters...nom nom nom. Tapas may be the downfall for Nicki and I, it tends to be quite oily and Nicki especially (seeing as she's still on Slimming World...not wallowing in the misapprehension that she's still doing things me) is looking out for the figure. Spanish food means Spanish drink, but I doubt there will be much binge drinking going on. I think Nicki will be a calming influence in that respect.......WON'T YOU NICKI!!

- It's a holiday, and at the end of the day, holidays are good. It gives me the opportunity to inflict (I use that word specifically) my pigeon spanish upon unwitting victims. When I say pigeon Spanish I don't mean glorious fat and majestic wood-pigeon Spanish, I mean tatty, disease-ridden Trafalgar Square pigeon Spanish. I don't even care much what the weather will be like, though I'd appreciate if it didn't rain, I only straightened my hair last night.

Those are the things I'm looking forward to..the only thing I'm slightly worried about is the fact that Barcelona is the pickpocket central for Europe. I've heard many first-hand accounts of just how brazen they are. You can't let yourself get too wrapped up in that though or you won't enjoy yourself :o)

Not sure if I'll have the time or opprtunity to blog much whilst I'm out there, but I shall keep a travel journal and bloggarise it when I get home. I promised to do the same with my Italy journal and it became such a mammoth task that I've rather stagnated on it! Seeing as I'm not alone this time hopefully I won't have as much time on my hands to write such rambling crap and it'll be much easier to blog over on Fly Away With Me.

At the very least I'm sure I'll have some beautiful pictures to display for your delight upon my return!

Have a wonderful week and weekend one and all x


  1. Lucky you. Spain. I'll get there some day. Looking forward to reading your report on the food.


    You must go to Spain! But look after your bag!

    You must also go to Italy, go to Italy first, it's beautiful :)

    Welcome to my blog :o) xx