Thursday, 8 October 2009

Sandwich HELL!!

After a particularly bad day in the office where everything had been going wrong and my boss was almost teraing his hair out....he decided to go and treat himself to an Upper Crust baguette to fill his tum and soothe his nerves.

The next thing I knew he was swearing and ranting at his savoury meal, where was the butter?? Where was it? It's a spiel I've heard a few times, but this time, oh.....this time he was writing a strongly worded email, oh yes. The Columbus group who own the Upper Crust chain were getting the brunt of pent-up sandwich frustration:

Dear Compass Group,

I am moved to contact you having just bought a cheddar and tomato baguette from the Upper Crust outlet in the UCL (University College London) canteen. The statement on your webpage says it all: "No additional butter or spread is added - just fresh....". My question is: Why is no butter or spread added? This seems to be something of a commonplace approach to sandwich making in some of the "cheaper" outlets around. Why on earth would anyone other than serial dieters want a sandwich without a bit of butter?

As a complete amateur who has made himself a sandwich or two in his time, let me explain. A bit of butter spread on the bread serves at least two important functions: 1) It provides a bit of lubrication to help the otherwise dry, rough bread down. 2) It helps prevent the water in the tomato soaking into the bread turning it into a doughy mush. 3) (yes, I though of another!) It adds a bit of welcome extra flavour. If I could let every sandwich bar know how I feel I would, but I have to start somewhere. There, rant over!

Actually, the baguette wasn't that bad. But for the sake of a pen'orth of butter and a few seconds effort, it could have been so much better. Thanks for your time.


Loving it....take that Columbus Group!

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