Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Sometimes I'm genuinely concerned for my sanity

I just spent half an hour hiding in the loft like some kind of crazy person, a crazy loft-dwelling hermit lady.

Whilst I was up there I was reflecting on the slight insanity of my current predicament and began texting friends, giving them loft-related updates. The most exciting of these being the compressor kicking into life, it makes a hell of a racket and I jumped so hard that I almost fell off my trolley. The trolley was my perch of choice having considered and rejected the possibility of an upturned crate, a chest of drawers and the floor. I figured that the trolley would be good, because if I got bored I could grab a handy plank of wood and push myself around, pretending I was at sea in shark-infested waters.

I should probably explain why I found myself hiding in the loft in the first place, it's not a habit of mine, though it may be like Pringles, once you pop you can't stop.

It's the time of year when we get certain lab equipment serviced, and at the moment the balance servicing man is in. It's the two or three days a year that I absolutely dread. This guy is one of the creepiest blokes you'll ever meet. He starts up uncomfortable conversations about topics you only really broach with your mates, he nags you to have coffee until you finally give in. Last year I was given the pleasure of taking him round to all the labs and letting him in. This year I told Bruce I wasn't doing it! Anyway....this creepy behaviour of his lead to someone making a complaint about him today, and so Brucie had to have a word with him. As soon as I found out he was on his way to the office I was out like a bullet. You've never seen me move so fast! I scuttled up to the loft and sat tight, texting Brucie to let me know when the coast was clear!

Anyway....I enjoyed my time reflecting in the loft, it was almost spiritual. I thought you might like to see my new found Shangri-la, so here we go....

A fine location for meditation

My trolley, mine

My good friend the compressor

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