Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Welcome Kylie

I would like you all to welcome my newest reader...well, of those I know about anyway. Everybody say hello to Kylie :)

Actually, his name is Del, but we don't tell many people that. This wonderful picture was taken on his birthday after he had been presented with his birthday 'cake'. He works in the mechanical workshop with Duncan, Alan and James (I believe Duncan lurks about on here too sometimes, though he's never admitted it).

Kylie is named Kylie because at one drunken physiology cocktail party we found out that he is the same age as Kylie Minogue...yes...that's ALL it took. Plus, he's a Pint-sized Pop Princess. Well...he plays in a band. It's all close enough by our reckoning.

We're off to see Kylie playing with his band Brick Top at The Standard in Walthamstow on Saturday 14th November for those of you in the area. They're supporting Bootleg Blondie (Blondie tribute band)..so should be a good evening :D

Tarrah lovers!

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