Friday, 26 February 2010

Moving.....again, and the Winter Rooftop BBQ

I'm moving....again.

Back in with the parentals again. This time comes in many a young persons life, having flown the nest for a couple of years, circumstance will almost always conspire to take you back to the bosom of your loving family for a while, sometimes on more than one occasion.

My circumstances involve 3 months travelling (incidentally, in answer to Jamies question in the comments some time ago, yes I will be blogging whilst I'm away, you can follow over on Fly Away With Me, my travel blog). Ma and pa are kindly taking me back in for a month before I go away and when I come back until I find my feet again. I'm moving in this coming weekend, so all may be quiet for a few days.

I should be packing as we speak, but I'm the kind of person who need 'the fear'. Dad is arriving at 9am on Saturday, I'll probably finish my packing at roughly, 8:45am Saturday morning.

In fact, I'll probably still be packing when he arrives......

Enough of that! Depending on how traumatic it is I'll give you the lowdown sometime next week.

On Friday I attended a winter rooftop BBQ. Is it still officially winter? Are we in Spring yet? I've lost all track of time and season. It certainly felt like winter that's for sure.

This is Kayleigh and Toms place may remember them, they're the gerbil people...a flicker of recognition, I knew you'd remember. Just to remind you, Kayles and Tom live in a lovely little studio. In the set of flats they're in, they're the only ones with their own bathroom, huge tub, lovely. It's a very cosy little place, and every time Kayles has a gathering she starts to fret about how she'll fit everyone in, but it always turns out fine.

It started off pretty quiet, but more people turned up and Rob even turned up with the second half of the BBQ eventually! Huzzah!! Just when people were starting to get hungry too, what timing eh?

Kayles mate from uni....also called Kayleigh, which was convenient because I'm RUBBISH with names...came along with her mate Dillon. Dillon turned out to be a hero BBQ master! At every BBQ there's always someone who emerges as the master and Dillon filled those shoes perfectly. I was in awe and spent most of my time standing outside staring into the embers in fascination, soaking up the testosterone.

The food was cooked to perfection, most BBQ's I've been to are of the typical British variety where you're served up offerings fitting one of two categories:

- Raw to the point where you may have just scraped it off the pig

- Charred to the point where the sausages, burgers and chicken become entirely indistinguishable from one another in both appearance and taste.

Despite Kayleigh being upset that many people had dropped out, I thought the company was great, and not many more people would have fitted comfortably into the room. I noted definite emperor penguin type behaviour, with people rotating between the roof terrace and the flat. All very altruistic! Toms mates John and Leon turned up, Toms brother Rob and his mate Rich, Kayles mates Sasha, Lorraine, Kayleigh and Dillon. Have I forgotten anyone? I apologise muchly if I have.

The entertainment was also excellent. Tom is a Dee-Jay...did I get that right? He and his mates spent much of the night mixing tracks. There were two MASSIVE speakers out on the roof terrace blaring music into the night....which led to what must have been the highlight of the evening.....

At one point in the evening most of us were out on the roof tucking into lovely burgers and hotdogs etc, when we noticed a guy down on the pavement who was dancing to the music like he was in a trance club. We pointed him out to each other..he seemed completely oblivious to us and totally into the music, we wondered whether he was on something.

Tom's mate Luke arrived in the middle of all this and we pointed the dancing man out to this point he'd been there at least ten minutes....Luke looked over and laughed, then said 'hang on a sec....that's my cousin!' We thought he was kidding until he called out the guys name and he looked up, waved and headed towards the pub (this place is above a pub by the way).

Luke ran downstairs to meet him, but, and this is the most surreal moment of the night, as I was chatting away to Kayleigh and some others, I suddenly saw him emerge onto the roof over a wall. He'd just climbed up the wall! Like some kind of SpiderPig.


He stayed a while, and for your enjoyment here's a little vid of Tom and Luke on the decks and the other Tom (I believe that was his name but as I said...bad memory for names) dancing away in the background.

Classic, great evening!

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  1. pissing myself at that video! haha :D