Sunday, 21 February 2010

Beast of Walthamstow?

I'm a bit of a window-gazer...I'll admit

I have no reason to be, I'm hardly a prisoner in my own home, I'm out there causing trouble more often than most people would like.

But just now, as I was gazing moronically through the double glazing, as is my way, I saw the shadow of what looked like a suspiciously large cat roaming over the rooftops of the houses across the way.

MAYBE this was merely a trick of the light, perhaps a friendly neighbourhood dog has taken up noctural freerunning, or those foxes I hear shagging in the garden have taken a step towards spicing up their lovemaking.

'How about gravity Hettie? I've heard that dangling your front-bottom in the breeze makes for wonderful orgasm'.


I'm not too proud to admit my windows will be firmly shut tonight, not the kind of beast I want in my bedroom thankee very muchly! Beggars...choosers :D

'yes, lovely dahling, just.....clip those claws next time, Kthxbai!'

Strangely I was being freaked out by (quite possibly) imagined feline, Mini Sprogs was being freaked out by (unimagined) loser across the railway shining a laser pen through her window (she'd just talen her top off). The sight of Nicki's bewbies would be enough to send anyone into a mad frenzy, but this is just silly!!

Dad went into the garden and shone a torch threateningly into the window of the laser-perve. Go Daddy!

Nightime nonsense :)

I'll be back soon with a decent post I promise, nighty night for now :)

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