Thursday, 25 February 2010

Try, FAIL, and A New Tattoo

I tried to do a lovely winter rooftop BBQ post for you, but the video I want to add WON'T UPLOAD ON YOUTUBE!!

Miserable fail :o(

In addition, my landlord Grant just told me that he has a problem.....a problem with my face!

Well, Grant! I've got a problem with you breathing! So there!

On the upside....I've been wanting a tattoo that represents my family for ages, and I finally got it :). Now, I know my father has recently taken to reading my blog quite regularly and I'm sure that the fact it's for the family still won't make him like it, but DADDEH, IT'S FOR YOU!!

Love you :o)

Ok, so before I put up the (really BAD) photo, I'll explain what it means.

The four big spirals are Maori koru. The symbol comes from the koru fern in New Zealand, the new fronds are formed as spirals and unfurl into fern leaves. As such, the koru is a symbol of new life and strength.

When you put two or more koru together, it represents a loving bond or relationship between that number of people. So my four koru represent my loving family.

Here it is.....taking pictures of your own forearm is nigh on impossible, so please forgive the very dodgy photography. I'll get someone to take a nicer one sometime soon :)

I love it, and most people that have seen it seem to too :o). It seems to be healing well *touch wood* and is pwiddy :)


  1. Beautiful tattoo.
    A pox on Grant the landlord!

  2. Thank you hun :o)

    YES!! A plague...o' both his houses!