Friday, 12 February 2010

Do NOT Want!!


Pfizer...or whoever you REALLY are, get it through your thick skull!

I've actually set up a filter to send these to junkmail, and ever since I did that I seem to be getting even more. I wish I'd never bothered.

I suspect they're trying the chinese water torture method, eventually the correct area of my brain will be eroded away and I'll buy all their Viagra....or rather, send my credit card details out into the ether for the enjoyment of the criminal underworld.

Won't they be upset when they discover my pathetic credit limit..of which there's nothing left to spend...*snort*

Have you ever had one of those days?

It's one of those days today, when I sit and contemplate what I've actually done.

I've spent most of the morning diluting 100% ethanol down into various alcoholic concentrations. Later on I'll spend most of the afternoon using this diluted alcohol to get a load of earthworms really pissed.

This is true.

I've spent the rest of the morning wandering around switching ten computers on and off, twiddling knobs and dials, and desperately hunting down stray glass beakers (because I took the key to the cupboard where the beakers live home by accident.....and I need beakers). Beakers are surprisingly difficult to herd.

The rest of the day I've spent mostly drinking tea, eating malteasers...and otherwise generally attempting to consume my own bodyweight in calories.

Looking forward to a Nando's (yip yippee) with the sibling and a few pints with the bessie mate later this evening. What a lovely start to the weekend!

Now.....where are those worms.......?


  1. Nando's NOM NOM NOM... only 2 hours 6 minutes to goooooo!


    Chikun chikun!!!

  3. I get shed loads of pfizer related emails and the weird thing about them all, is the email address in the background is my email address! How do they do that? It is the mystery of spam. This is at my work email account, which spam filters The Pleasance Theatre and Xfm emails, but not pfizer or viagra!?

    Booze later. Yay us! :) Enjoy your chickun supper.

    Poor worms. You and your animal testing.

  4. Yeah same here, I send myself viagra emails!

    BOOZE BOOZE!! Nomnomnomnomnom!!!

    The worms love a little tipple :)