Saturday, 13 February 2010

Weekend Extravaganza

I can't believe I missed Darwins Birthday!

Happy 201st Old Dude, and well done on that little evolution thing.....

There's been a Science Cookie round-up over on Ms Humbles fantastic food blog Not So Humble Pie. The lovely locusts feature, along with some fantastic science-themed cookies sent in my Humble fans from around the globe. Go check it out!

So, this weekend is Chinese New Year, 2010 Year of the Tiger!

However! In London they're not celebrating it this weekend, they're celebrating it next weekend. I suspect that this is because of the fabled Valentines Day. We wouldn't want one of the main days in one of Britains main ethnic subcultures to overshadow money-making Valentines Day now would we?

Not that I'm a bitter singleton or anything....ahem.....*cough*

I'm striking out in rebellion, and should have a little Chinese New Year themed post for y'all tomorrow.

Don't fear for I have not forgotten my Lush plan, I hit up the Croydon branch today and although the massive shop didn't happen I did purchase a lovely bath ballistic called Tisty Tosty....uber cute:

And the Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar......lovely to take away on my travels with me. It'll be magic for all those leg, shoulder and back aches from lugging that backpack around :o)

Apart from that it'll be an Indian meal with ma and pa for Valentines....nom nom nom

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