Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Love and Losing Weight

Twas the dreaded Weight-In last night, I was wibbling over whether to go last night or not as I hadn't had the best week, but due to a challenge which I won't go into here but shall write about on SaladCake at some point, I decided I should face the music. I'm only cheating myself if I bail out after all. I lost 1lb strangely enough, lucky bird I am.

All in all, I have now lost 1st 12.5lb, and it's made a huge difference to my figure. I'm still a pretty hefty 12st 4lb and have a little way to go before my BMI is within a healthy range, but any further weight I lose is likely to be less noticeable unless you attack me with a tapemeasure.

I'm really pleased because I've lost a lot of what I was holding around my waist, which was making me a rather unpleasant barrel shape, and although they've shrunk with me, the old boobies haven't disappeared into the ether.

One side-effect is a distinct increase in male attention.

Most of it is quite subtle....or as subtle as men get (lets be honest), glances in the street and that kind of thing. However, there have been the odd wolf-whistles, and yesterday I was slightly perturbed by a muscle-bound goon working on a job outside my office who just stared at me in the manner of a psychopath as I walked past him.

Let me just emphasize that I am in no way, shape or form beating them off with a stick, I've not had even a hint of romance (except one tragic date) since I started at weight watchers. But this sly, tangible increase in attention has caused some slight cynicism to develop. I'm exactly the same person I was, just a little slimmer, just goes to show what really catches a mans eye!

I risk starting to sound like a bitter, sarcastic man-hater, but far from using my cynicism for evil, I shall use it for the power of good :o). Opportunities have to be weighed up as they arise and I shall be keeping my beady eye out for Jack-the-Lads trying their luck at random, but it may also mean I get to meet some nice guys. After all, despite my mewlings, appearances ARE the first things you notice about somebody (unless you're on the interwebz...and that's a WHOLE different ball game!).


Maybe I should ask out that guy who's been chatting me up for years regardless of my size and shape.........that would shock him.


  1. Ashk him out ashk him, ASCHK HIM.

    Or don't. But you might have a nice time and get a little kissy and a little cuddle too. :)

  2. Ello, I notice similar things with men that annoy me despite also being flattered when people do bother to pay me some attention. My main gripe being manners. If I wear a skirt and heels to work people will hold doors open, smile at me, let me go first, etc. If I am wearing my now ill-fitting trousers (miles too big) and a jumper people will walk past without so much as a glance!

  3. :o) There are very few people at work who would hold a door open for anyone so I haven't noticed that to any extent. Maybe I should design some experiments.

    I'll wear a skirt and shoes one day, and a big baggy outfit the next, on boths days I'll walk straight through a door behind guys.

    ....see how many times I end up with a broken nose and black eyes :D