Saturday, 29 August 2009

The day after the night before

I did pretty well I think, didn't consider myself too pissed to go home to my parents on my own, rather than trolling back to the Stow with Linda and Neil, dependent on being physically held up and slapped every now and again to maintain conciousness. I bimbled back to Croydon on the train and didn't even fall asleep!

So that's good!!

I spent a good portion of the crawl initially feeling a bit ill and hoping I wouldn't bring up the lovely baguette I'd had for lunch. I think I underestimate the effect my diet is having on the size of my stomach and appetite. The beer was just sitting on top of baguette and half a pint of milk...niiiiice!! That subsided later on by the time Anne, Linda and Neil had turned up, it seems Guinness settles my stomach somewhat, I TOLD everyone it was medicinal.....genius.

I do have some pictures which I'll post up here for you once I'm back on a computer that I'm pretty sure won't muller my memory card or photies.

We went for an Indian at the end of the night, has anyone been to Bangalore outside of Waterloo Station? It's awesome in there. When we walked in I spotted a set of booths on the righthand side. There were 4 or 5 booths along the wall, and then another row above them in bunk-bed style, so you had to climb a ladder to get up into the top ones. In true drunk style I immediately started wailing like a small toddler-banshee that I wanted to go 'Up there!! Up there!!!' They gave in and we scuttled up the ladder, where I proceeded to hang off the ladder taking photos from weird angles etc. I must have been the most fun EVER!!

We all had thali, which was larvely, although I couldn't finish all mine, I think Neil polished it off for me, that dude can sure pack it away.

All in all it was another very enjoyable afternoon, and, thanks to a late night msn chat, I stayed awake long enough to guzzle plenty of water, so there was no horrendous gross hangover this morning.


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