Tuesday, 25 August 2009

*warning* contains ramblings of a sexual nature ;)

Ever had one of THOSE msn conversations? I'm sure most of us have at some time or another, I think some people call it cybersex. Well, I didn't have one of those conversations last night.......


Twas a conversation with a lovely young man I know only fleetingly and although highly graphic in a sexual way, it really wasn't cybersex at all. The insinuation that one of us may intend to inflict these heinous deeds upon the other popped up ever so briefly a couple of times, but apart from that, no.

It revolved mainly around our, or his, fantasies (I'm crap with fantasies, no imagination....'I'll have some willy please, lovely, thank you'). I was particularly intrigued by his strange desire for planned spontenaity. Spontaneous seduction of a female person, but it's all planned beforehand, probably a safety net against the 'what the feck are you putting your hand on my knee for???' I suspect the REAL desire is to go out and authentically spontaneously seduce a young lady-person, but there's either an initial lack of confidence or complete control-freakery going on (one suspects the latter with a dash of the former). There was also lots of question asking and answering, both of us confessing to a number of past indiscretions.

So my main wonderment is, can people have a conversation...asking each other about their deepermost sexual fantasies, confessing innermost desires, without it being cybersexual?

I'm not sure it can, I'll confess to a slight buzz in my loins (apologies for inflicting that mental image upon you) during the conversation, whether that was due to the conversation itself or the stimulating-but-somewhat-lacking-in-intellectual-content urls he sent me is up for contention.

Url's are the STD's of the interwebz you know. I may have to visit my IT guy about my cyber-syphilis, are you reading this Wilf? Expect a visit very soon :)

Well done for getting this far, what are your thoughts kind readers? Is sexy conversation an art, delicately playing around a subject, designed to heighten arousal whilst maintaining a discrete barrier? Or does it mean we're both frustrated and depraved sexual beings who are likely to boil over and wallop the next unlucky human being round the face with a frozen trout?

Culmination: us running off together into the sunset to engage in a frantic orgy-ball....like what frogs do....

* I REALLY hope my mother doesn't still read this blog...hi mum*


  1. I think cybersex is such a mixed bag... I think it takes all types to do it, and you may well be surprised by the people that get into cybersex that you would never suspected!

  2. This is very true, I guess it can be an outlet for many people who are shy 'irl'.

    I've only dipped my toe, and for me it seems that so far it creates more frustration than satisfaction! I may have to give up before I've even begun lolz!