Thursday, 27 August 2009

Bank Holiday Pub Crawl Fun

What are we all up to this bank holiday? I'm just grateful not to be at the zoo on a hot bank holiday shouting at the squiggle minkiez, and I now have some fun and games planned for the weekend.

Tomorrow, the Gruesome Foursome are taking the afternoon off and crawling the traditional crawl, the 'Original' crawl. Last time I made a map up to show you the all new 'Southbank' crawl, and so I thought I'd sit down and make a map of the 'Gruesome Foursome's Original Crawl'. I tell you what, we really were crawling by the end too!

So here it is:

View Holborn Pubcrawl in a larger map


Green equals optional, we don't always visit these pubs
Blue equals our traditional stops, ones we always stop at
Yellow equals a one or the other, we usually stop at either the Kings Arms or the Hole in the Wall....or both on dangerous occasions
Red stands for danger, we have been known to get a bit overenthused in our intoxicated states and stumble into extra establishments. These are those.

So, the list of pubs is as follows:

The Lamb, traditional starting/ending place for work Christmas parties
The Princess Louise which serves Sam Smiths, very nice, and very cheap. I have a penchant for the wheat beer. Lovely pub with snugs all round the bar.
The Ship Tavern, a little hidden out of the way, but nice
Bar Polska, just across from the ship, nice raspberry vodka and a big cock painted on the wall
The Seven Stars, good venue for a bit of Welsh singing we've found, a little pokey, but nice atmosphere
Ye Old Cheshire Cheese, fabulous place, full of character, very dingy but lots of little nooks and crannies. Just watch your head on those low ceilings and winding staircases.
The Blackfriar, can be really busy, although last time was Christmas, nice pub
Doggetts Coat and Badge, ahh, features in most of our crawls, serves a strange looking green beer
Kings Arms, forgive me, I remember not much by this point
Hole in the Wall, just what it says...a hole. By this point we're usually so drunk we're just muttering, or dancing to no music etc etc.

Optional Extras

The Windmill Tavern, lovely pub I seem to remember, apologies to the patrons for the last time we were there
The Wellington, a big place outside Waterloo, again, I don't remember too much, it's big though......

So yes, we sometimes skip the Lamb and move straight onto the Princess Louise, although we've never got there in time to snag a snug, we're always ousted to the public domain :(. Probably mainly because we always end up there on a Friday payday!

We sometimes miss out the Polish Bar too, if we're in a hurry. We say that it's either the Kings Arms or the HITW, but generally, we always seem to end up in the HITW for one...regardless of if we've been to the Kings Arms or not, and we almost always make tits of ourselves.

Here are a couple of snaps from the first time we did this crawl, I may have some more for you after this weekend :)

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