Saturday, 15 August 2009

South East Asia - panic panic!!

First let me start by noting that I appear to have a new follower, the lovely Tom Webb. He's a fab little (pocket-sized) comedian (watches follower-count drop to 5), he runs some nights in London, so check out his blog for those. No, he's not paying me for this so I'll stop now, unless he coughs up £50....

......I hate having comedian followers, it makes me feel like I should say something funny........



Wheeeeeeeeew!! I'd been given the impression that higher management at my workplace were distinctly disapproving of unpaid leave, and so I felt a twinge of trepidation when I sent the form to HR. However!! All turned out to be ok and I've recieved the all clear to take April, May and June off next year :o)

Now, you may remember the post I made earlier this year about my plans for travelling South America. As well as South America I want to travel SE Asia and Africa, and seeing as I now have only 7 months (argh) before wandering off, I thought I'd go with SE Asia. Being the first time I've really gone off and done such a lot of travelling by myself, I think that Asia will be more of a 'dipping my toe' experience than South America, and certainly hard-core Africa. It seems that every country I'm interested in in Africa has come kind of civil unrest going on........GAH!!

I'm really excited, nw I've got the time off it seems so much more real, once I have my ticket to Bangkok I'll be pretty much pooping myself. I plan to travel the mainland then move onto Indonesia, then for a week in Sydney where my mate Linda will be living.

I fully intend to have reached my goal weight by this point....and then EAT my way around the mainland, chopsticks anda knife and fork is all I'll pack.

7 months..........shitehouses!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for another of my enthralling interactive google-maps showing you my planned know how much I loves my google-maps :o)


  1. Africa's really not that scary, even with all the civil unrest. Still, Asia is super exciting and I plan to live vicariously. All maps thoroughly appreciated!

  2. Thanks for dropping by butterfly :)

    Africa is gorgeous, I've only ever been to South Africa, but it gave me a taste for it :o). It's so huge too, I'll give myself more than 3 months for that one :o)