Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Long walks and BEER!

Ahhh, weigh-in last night, not as good a news as it has been for the past 2 weeks, but a loss nonetheless :o)

We were wandering off to the pub for a birthday celebration later, but we had lots of time to kill in between. Being the cheapskate I am I had scoured the interwebz for buy one get one free Pizza Express vouchers. I'd been wanting to try the new Leggera pizza for ages. So we tootled off to the Express and I had the Gustosa, prosciutto ham, mozzarella, peppers and nom nom nomness!

Whilst chatting the usual shite over dinner, and attempting to remember exactly WHERE this pub was we were supposed to go to (ever organised), Oggers suggested walking to Oxford Street. My initial instinctive reaction was 'WHAT??' But we still had ages to kill, and after the split second of incredulity I realised that it would be good to work off the pizza and offset those beers we were setting up for.

In all, including a brief foray into Sainsburies for a card, and Burger King for a pee, we probably walked for just over an hour, that on top of the walk around Leyton shallow ponds the day before, Oggers and I are becoming quite the ramblers.

When we finally found the pub we realised how close it was to another pub we've been to once or twice....and I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a Sam Smiths! Not that it made much difference to my pocket, Oggers was very kindly treating me last night due to my being extremely destitute at the arse end of this month, but Sam Smiths is cheapy cheap :) It wasn't long before JennyMay and her merry men turned up, her mates are absolutely lovely, and we met her brother for the first time.

It was a lovely evening and only 3 pints, which is good by Oglet/Sproglet standards, still had a nasty headache this morning though, it's only just going away now *rolleyes*

Will I never learn??

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